Popularity of Korean Gangster Movies

korean gangster on roadKorean gangster movies have become trendy worldwide during the last 20 years. There are many factors that led to this and one of this is the typical thug genre. Indeed, the hooligan cinema category is considered among the most flexible and universal class for today’s generation of movie makers.

The movie industry in the United States produces Korean gangster movies. Many of these are patterned after Hollywood criminal flicks in the past such as Scarface in the thirties and the classic, “The Godfather” in the seventies. Korean versions include A Bittersweet Life in 2005, Gangster High in 2006 and New World in 2013. These motion pictures are typified by a distinct combination of stark violence with drama as well as critique of Korean way of life.

korean gangsterOne factor that makes Korean gangster movies omnipresent is these movies depict subjects of ethnic groups. For instance, this particular genre underscores gruesome social consequences of free enterprise. This includes destitution and dearth of social transformation which are conditions obvious in American crime movies. In most of these big screen films, crime groups belong to the lower ethnic class such as immigrants. The genre describes how criminal networks induce minorities to get out of hardships due to deep-seated racial discrimination.

The movie industry in Korea is giving Hollywood producers a run for their money because of Korean gangster movies. It has demonstrated competence with regards to story lines and production values.

As a matter of fact, Korean gangster movies do not tackle racial issues. Korea is an ethnically harmonized culture compared to the United States. Racial gangs are not very common. These crime flicks concentrate usually on poverty and resolving these predicaments within the framework of a capitalist society.

The Korean gangster movies illustrate said issues in a completely different approach making use of excitement and tragedy as annotations on criminal existence. Rags to riches movies by way of crime acts like drug trafficking turn out as platform to highlight poverty. Said films delve into the feelings of their subjects.

korean gangstersAs such, Korean gangster movies look into their sorrows, family problems and emotional hurt. Lives of these hoodlums are portrayed as complicated and fruitless. This overemotional style allows lawbreakers to be humanized. Their sufferings are made legitimate by producers and scriptwriters. These motion pictures expose organized crime from the standpoint of ordinary laborers. Not all characters are amiable but their sentiments are blown up through drama. The genre illustrates life as very hopeless compared to American crime films which normally romanticize central characters.

Finally, Korean gangster movies treat violent behaviors brutally. The government is very stringent when it comes to use of firearms. Henceforth, most of these films tend to popularize the use of knives, pipes, wooden bats, and ordinary fists. The films end in extended and cruel fighting scenes such as Kung-Fu influenced films. The themes demonstrate ruthless effects of criminal life on ordinary people. Of course, these result in physical and mental implications. The death of a criminal is merciless and not glamorous in this country.

Maternal instinct

Directed by ‘ In Bruges ‘ and ‘ 7 Psychopaths ‘ Martin McDonagh took the lead role in his new film Frances McDormand . The project was called ‘Three billboard outside Ebbing , Missouri » (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri).

The film tells about fifty woman who goes to war with the police after it understands that the local cops prefer to mock black than to seek the murderer of her daughter .

According to McDonagh’s script he wrote four years ago. McDonagh has previously stated that he considers the perfect interval of four years between his directorial projects. ‘ 7 Psychopaths ‘ came in 2012 ( as ‘ In Bruges ‘ – in 2008 ) , so it is logical to expect the premiere of his new film next year.

How to write the great American novel

Screenwriter two ‘ Jays – peresmeshnits ‘, ‘ Butler ‘ and co-author of the series ‘Empire’ Danny Strong debut in filmmaking biographical drama about John . D. Salinger’s ‘ Rebel in the Rye » (Rebel in the Rye). On the role of the writer Strong took Nicholas Hoult .

The plot is based on the book by Kenneth the Slavonic ‘ George . D.

Salinger : A Life , ‘which tells the story of the creation of the novel’ The Catcher in the Rye ‘ , which occupies a central place not only in the work of the writer , but throughout the American literature of the XX century . According to the author , ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ would not have happened , do not pass through Salinger ‘ rebellious youth, the best World War II, the great love and terrible loss , numerous failures in publishing , creative crisis caused by post-traumatic stress syndrome .’

Strong himself wrote the screenplay .

On account of his two ‘Emmy’ for the telefilm HBO « The game has changed ‘ (the best TV movie / miniseries and best screenplay ) . This year, the Strong designed the directorial debut on TV by removing one of the episodes of the show , ‘Empire’ . ‘ Rebel in the Rye’ will be his debut in the full meter .

Marvel microscopically

‘ Ant-Man ‘ celebrates his victory at the US box office ( absolute result kinovselennoy Marvel – twelfth of the twelve ) , but starts worse than their predecessors – $ 58.04 million , but won the ‘ Incredible Hulk ‘ in 2008 . Analysts expected the movie Peyton Reed about 60-65 million dollars in the premiere weekend , but weak for the most lucrative of the blockbuster comic franchise , operating time from the site ($ 15,052 , even less ‘ Incredible Hulk ‘) did not allow the project to issue a really strong start .

The role played not only the superhero whose insignificance and optionally noted , it seems , everyone who spoke about the new film , but also triumphant last weekend – cartoon ‘ Mignon .’ The spin -off animated series ‘ Despicable Me ‘ has lost significant 56.6 %, which did not prevent her to issue a solid result of the second weekend at the box office – $ 50.2 million . Total charges ‘ Minions ‘ at home on the weekend was $ 216.69 million . Another $ 406 1 million cartoon earned in international box office .

‘ A girl without complexes’ destroyed all the skeptical forecasts. Comedy with rolling R rating, earned $ 30.2 million ( third chart ) , becoming the second in terms of revenue in the director’s filmography start Judd Apatow . Among its projects, only ‘Knocked Up’ in the premiere weekend brought together more – $ 30.69 million .

National House ‘ Jurassic World ‘ has passed the mark of 600 million – $ 611.17 million ($ 11.4 million over the weekend – fifth place ) . Given the foreign charges on the account of the film $ 1.513 billion . ‘ Furious 7 ‘ is over ($ 1.511 billion ) . Before occupying the third place in the list of highest-grossing films ‘ The Avengers ‘ only a little more than six million . Dinosaurs earned them this week . Perfectly launched in the US box office , ‘Mr. Holmes ‘, where Ian McKellen plays the legendary detective from Baker Street at the end of life . Picture Bill Condon (already worked with McKellen in ‘ Oscar-winning ‘ ‘ Gods and Monsters ‘) has mastered the entire $ 2.49 million in 363 theaters.

‘ Dumb ‘ noir

Directed by ‘ Moon 2112 ‘ and coming in the next year , ‘ Warcraft ‘ Duncan Jones is planning to spend the next eleven months ( remaining before the premiere of the film adaptation of the cult video game) long-cherished project – a futuristic noir ‘ Dumb » (Mute).

‘ Dumb ‘ appeared soon after the ‘ Moon 2112 ‘ and was supposed to take place in the same universe , even anticipated cameo Sam Rockwell . In the futuristic backdrop of the unfolding story hichkokianskaya mute bartender who fights with gangsters on the streets of Berlin and is looking for a kidnapped girlfriend . The main villains are the two comedians.

The main source of inspiration for the director calls ‘ Blade Runner .’ After Jones was unable to interest producers ( say , the project drew on the bottom just that dumb hero ) , he appeared first to submit plans for the story in the format of the comic book or cartoon. Over the comics he worked with one of the largest ‘independent’ publishers Dark Horse.

The production cycle of ‘ Dumb ‘ should fit to the premiere of ‘ Warcraft ‘ , which will take place in June 2016 . According to Jones , eleven months, it should be enough – to stage the ‘ Moon 2112 ‘, he spent as much time .

Volume Two

It is known the name of the sequel to ‘ Guardians of the Galaxy .’ James Gunn posted a message on Twitter , which opened the official name of the new project – ‘ Guardians of the Galaxy . Volume 2 »(Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ) .

Tweet Gunn became confirmation of the information that already have a site Collider. The first slip kinovselennoy creator and chief producer Kevin Feyge it – in an interview . Feiga also said that filming the sequel will take place in February and March next year. Filming will be in the American branch of the English Pinewood Studios in Atlanta , the new site – 288 acres in Georgia – the famous studio , which promises to become a major training ground kinovselennoy .

Earlier it was reported that in the new movie Gunn intends to pay more attention to his father Peter Quill . The viewer finds out who he is and what the relationship is facing a team of superheroes . ‘ Guardians of the Galaxy ‘ really surprised US analysts believe that the picture, which has no superheroes ‘ major league »Marvel and Hollywood superstars , not facing a great commercial success . But the film became one of the highest-grossing release of 2014, earning a global box office $ 774,180,000 .

The name refers to the sequel cherished cassette Peter Quill . Soundtrack paintings in 2014, climbed to the top of the charts Billboard, called «Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1. It was the first time in history , when the collection is not made ​​up of new , original songs , ranked first of the prestigious chart. The premiere of ‘ Volume 2 ‘ will be held May 5, 2017 .

The army of ‘Transformers’

Stsenarist- ‘ Oscar winner ‘ – for ‘ A Beautiful Mind ‘ – Akiva Goldsman started manning writing team , which will be engaged in the creation kinovselennoy ‘Transformers’ with its numerous spin- offami and sequels . Proposals sent : the creator of ‘ The Walking Dead ‘ Robert Kirkmanu , screenwriter ‘ Marvel ‘ blockbuster ‘Iron Man ,’ ‘ The Avengers ‘ and ‘ Amazing Spider-Man . High Voltage . ‘ Goldsman now developing a strategic plan to expand the space within the franchise. His team will include : Robert Kirkman , Art Marcum and Matt Holouey who wrote ‘Iron Man ‘ and ‘ Punisher : War Zone ,’ Zak Penn ( ‘The Avengers ,’ ‘ The Incredible Hulk ‘) and Jeff Pinkner (‘ Amazing Spider-Man . High Voltage , ‘ the TV series’ Lost ‘ and’ Fringe ‘) . The potential of a huge undertaking : in thirty years of the existence of toy robots formed the canon , and their world has got a solid mythology. The head of ‘toy’ corporation Hasbro Brian Goldner said that the next movie franchise is expected by 2017 .

The first four pictures taken with Michael Bay , earned worldwide box $ 3.76 billion . The last two film franchises have collected more than a billion dollars each : $ 1.12 billion – the ‘ Dark Side of the Moon’ and $ 1.09 billion – in the ‘Age of extermination .’ During the development of affairs in kinovselennoy producers will follow the franchise : Michael Bay , Steven Spielberg and Lorenzo di Bonaventura .

Darkness retreats

Demiurge kinovselennoy Marvel and the main producer of the franchise Kevin Feyge admitted that , despite the numerous rumors and requests from fans in kinovselennoy never appear darkest films , or at least some plot twists .

According Feyge each year are turning to him with a request to fans of the franchise to make the movie more severe than anything that came out within kinovselennoy . The producer said that the sinister and hopelessness can be trailers for their films , but not the films themselves . ‘I hope that people understand this is ‘, – says Kevin Feiga . Kinovselennaya Marvel will initially move in the selected direction. Humor – in the DNA of these films , and there are no plans to change anything .

It also became known that the first female director in kinovselennoy Marvel, apparently , will postanovschitsy drama ‘ Selma ‘ Ava Duvernet . The Wrap resource transfers that to the director signed a preliminary agreement on the setting of one of the film franchise. Accurate information that it will be for the picture , there is : all wondering between the ‘ Black Panther ‘ ( with African-American protagonist played by Chadwick Bozeman’s ) and ‘ Captain Marvel ‘ , where the heroine – a woman : Carol Danvers.